Certificat of participation in an artfair Certificat of participation in an artfair
Weronika Dyląg

Spetmeber 2021 - "Ego" Exhibition in Doge's Palace in Genoa - painting "Happy place"

November 2021 - Art3F Brussels - art fair with Monat Gallery from Madrid

April 2022 - (un)fair.milano - art fair in Milan represented by Monat Gallery

April/May 2022 - "Visions of the unknown" - Madrid by Monat Gallery

June - exhibition "Stripped"- Azur Gallery - Madrid

Up comming shows

September/October - exhibition "Euphoria"- Azur Gallery - Madrid

November/December - exhibition "UNATTAINABLE"- Monat Gallery - Madrid

She is a Warsaw based graphic designer that turned 5 years ago to painting. She draws inspiration from works of Yago Hortal, Nicolaos Schizas, Orlanda Bloom, Lauren Mycroft, Jan Kalab but also her works ar strongly influenced by her graphical design experience that was very much visible in her early works. Her interest in psychology and social interactions as well as strong belief that the ability to express and experience positive emotions are a way of maintaining mental health - dictates her colour palette.

She became interested in pouring technique in 2020. But pouring alone was not satisfactory for her. She started to experiment with different acrylic mediums and paint proportions and decided to use blows of air instead of brushes.

She is represented by Monat Gallery and Azur Gallery from Madrid. In Poland her works are available through DESA Unicum and occasionally other polish auction houses.